LA Dems In Philly

In late July, after the Republicans have howled and beat their chests and retreated to their various lairs,  we Democrats, including those of us from Louisiana (La Dems) will gather In Philadelphia. Cable news pundits  will be watching; eyes, ears and cameras alert  for scandal, and not above making things up.

But as they breathlessly speculate about whatever they can think of, I  will make it my business to let our party faithful know what’s really going on. From the inside.

from the inside

We will, of course, discuss how best to achieve party unity, end corruption,  and vanquish Donald Trump. We will also discover that when we ask for a subway, they’ll point us to a tram, and  if we want a foot-long sandwich, we should ask for a “hoagie.”


We will observe four (currently scheduled) Bernie Sanders demonstrations, and may scratch our heads remembering the 100-naked-woman demonstration at the Republican convention.

We may notice that the City Hall building  with the William Penn statue atop it is no longer the tallest edifice in the city, and if we look at this statue while it is raining hard, we find ourselves reminded of the controversy about who uses what bathroom. (It’s an optical illusion. We should keep our thoughts to ourselves.)


We will, in the end, prevail. Send me, Elizabeth B. Scott, as your Bernie Sanders Delegate to Philadelphia, and I will let you in on  the details.