Getting Ready!

What is everybody doing to get ready for the convention? I got a hair cut today. I’m making lists. Tomorrow I need a pedicure, and Saturday is going to be spent packing. Somewhere in there I’ll make my “budget” for stories while I’m on the scene.

I was going to write some posts about how to get ready for the convention. My first post was a school-marmy take on shoes, and I decided today I wasn’t going to bother to rewrite it. Wear whatever shoes you want! Can you wear fabulous shoes without hurting people? Lucky you! Me, I will be wearing sensible shoes and old-lady-comfortable-but-suitable-for-public-attire clothes. Liz will be stylish and fabulous. That’s why Meryl Streep will play Liz in the film, but I’ll be portrayed by Kathy Bates.

We arrive in less than 72 hours.