Recommended reading if you’re getting ready for Philly (even vicariously)

Here’s a bus stop dressed up for the convention. It was posted on Instagram by #DMCinPhilly. Philadelphians say “dat” a lot, along with “dis” and “dose” and “dem.” “Dem” refers to “dem people over dere.” Dem people may or may not be Democrats.

who dat donkey

We could not resist slapping a little New Orleans on this bus stop sign, through the magic of a photo app called Pic Collage. If you try it with real paint, be prepared to explain it to dem cops.

Philadelphians use the English language a little differently than citizens of middle America. So do we in Louisiana. And since we hope to have have some interaction with the natives, here’s a list of some of the words we may find –um– confusing. For instance, john. It is pronounced “jawn” just like it is in New Orleans. But it does NOT mean the same thing. Click on WHAT IT MEANS IN PHILLY

Also of note: Billy has a list of parties we are not invited to. Unless we donated a LOT (or got real cozy with someone who did.)

Baggage handlers and some other workers at the Philadelphia airport will go on strike during the convention. They are demanding the right to unionize. They will, ironically, inconvenience Democrats, who, as a matter of course, support unions. Some delegates have opted to fly in through other airports, but for those who have already paid for non-refunable tickets — probably most of us– the best we can do is pack light, carry on our luggage, and display purple ribbons — the union’s color– to show solidarity. USA Today has more on the strike.


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