Out and About

I was hoping to attend part of the DNC’s “Six Strategies” training this afternoon with some analytics folks, so I headed over to the Philadelphia Convention Center. Despite this being a “not closed” event, I needed credentials to get in. I left my “official guest” pass at the hotel, and asked too many questions, so I wasn’t able to get in.

So I headed across the street for a reception with the Secular Coalition for America. It was a small group and I didn’t stay long. I skimmed over the talking points on the podium, had a sandwich and a beverage, and chatted up a fellow from Delaware and Julie Fahey, an Emerge Oregon graduate who is running for the Oregon House of Representatives from Eugene. We discussed the merits of the jungle primary vs. partisan primaries vs. instant run-offs. (Aside: I am such a nerd!)  I also got some swag.


Then I took my first Uber ride. I had to wait a while, but traffic by the Convention Center was an absolute mess, so I was not surprised. I shared a ride with some media people from New Jersey. It was only $3.70! There is no way I would have been able to walk that distance and shuttles weren’t coming back this way. I stopped at a little convenience store and picked up some carrots and hummus to snack on. Gavel is in an hour, so I’m going to see what’s going on on the Twitters and maybe take a catnap.  This is vacation, after all.