Congressman Steve Scalise’s Town Hall Meeting happens without him — 2017

The speaker’s table in the Abita Springs Town Hall was draped in red-white-and-blue bunting. The p.a. system had been tested to a fault. Chairs were lined up in ten straight rows, and most were occupied by nicely-dressed adults, constituents of Congressman Steve Scalise.
Scalise, however, was missing. Although it was the April Congressional recess, his office staff explained to the St. Tammany Indivisible Chapter, which sponsored the meeting, that he was too busy to meet with his constituents. He would have an in-person Town Hall meeting in August at another location. 
No member of his staff would come to Abita Springs in his stead. Charles Henry, head of Scalise’s Metairie office, said they did not want to speak for the congressman, and besides, they were worried about security at the event.
This last comment amused the gathered crowd, since Abita Springs rivals the fictional Mayberry as far as crime is concerned. People don’t always bother to lock their doors. It’s that kind of place. 
They decided to ask questions anyway, addressing a large cardboard picture of the congressman propped up behind the table. There were 27 questions, and they were posed respectfully. They were about health care, the environment, the proposed wall along the Mexican border, the president’s tax returns, the budget, immigrants, the emolument clause, and military escalation. Many returned to one theme. Did Mr Scalise remember that he was from Louisiana? Would he reconsider supporting policies that would drown the state and cut off its people’s health care? 
The cardboard sign had no answer. But the organizers videotaped the session and promised to deliver a copy of it to Scalise, along with a list of the questions they asked.