$5000 to meet with Congressman Scalise. Or give money to the homeless? Which would you do?

Members of the St.Tammany Indivisible Chapter, which for months has been urging Congressman Steve Scalise to have an in-person town hall meeting, were intrigued when one of their members came across a newspaper story about a surefire way to get his attention — donations of between $5,000 and $100,000 to the Scalise Leadership Fund..
They didn’t have that kind of money, but decided to stage a satirical fundraiser to bring attention to the influence of money in politics, using their own congressman as a particularly blatant example. 
Even in Republican St. Tammany, the event had a good turnout, probably helped by abundant food, drink and donation jars — quart-sized ones for the homeless and baby food jars for Scalise 
“We have college loans and rent and insurance, so we don’t have money to pay for honest representation in our government,” said Zac Stein, the group’s leader. “But we”re not going away. We will keep working to make our representatives listen.” Meanwhile, Family Promise of St.Tammany, which ministers to homeless families, was happy to accept the $775 they did raise.
More about the Scalise Leadership Fund: 

Pictures below: Pictures with the congressman; party napkins featured the congressman’s phone number; giant replica of Scalise’s ear with a central receptacle for cash, messages that can be pinned on; building a border wall with Legos; frozen cavfefe with Kahluha. It all made for a good time.