Following spoof, group donates to homeless in Scalise’s name

Proceeds from a recent spoof of Congressman Steve Scalise’s fundraising methods will be donated, in his name, to an interfaith mission for homeless families, announced Zac Stine, leader of the St.Tammany Indivisible Chapter.
“Nothing justifies this,” he said, referring to the recent shooting in which Scalise was injured. “There is a right way and a wrong way to protest. We held a wholesome, satiric event and got lots of publicity. It was the right way to make a statement.” 
The group held a faux fundraiser Sunday with the stated intention of raising $5000, the minimum level of contribution suggested by the Scalise Leadership Fund, which would guarantee a meeting with the congressman. But the event was tongue-in-cheek. “We knew we wouldn’t raise anything close to that, ” Stine said.
To make sure, members set out quart-sized contribution jars for contributions to the homeless, and recycled baby food jars for contributions to Scalise. 
Family Promise of St. Tammany, will get the $775 the group did raise.