More Pictures

Woman about town Jac Brubaker has added more photos to her album.



While the Bill Clinton video was playing, hundreds (thousands?) of signs emerged. They rolled across the audience like we were doing the wave. When TV cut to live, they were in our hands.

Social Media Room

My friend Lamar White is doing a live interview for the social media news site NowThisElections. The interview is in the back corner of the social media room, which is sponsored by Facebook. It’s a large space with lovely mid-century modern-style furniture, beautiful young people, and an open bar. I am sitting in a firm but comfortable couch waiting for him to finish.

The media operations here are enormous. As we walked through the media access areas heading for the CNN Grill / Xfinity Live Pavilion, we saw Anderson Cooper. I got a laugh out of him when I told him, “Donna Brazile says she needs to find a new ‘boo’ now that she’s left CNN” (to serve as interim chair of the DNC).

Our Governor

John Bel Edwards signed his delegate ballot this morning. He got a standing ovation when recognized by a speaker at breakfast this morning. It makes me teary how lucky we are to have him.

Tuesday Breakfast

Today’s speakers are Rep. Jim Clyburn, Sen. Chris Coons, Melissa Harris-Perry, and former Sen. Mary Landrieu. I got a picture with Senator Coons for my collection.