The Louisiana Delegation is all over C-SPAN. Here is evidence, with Liz front and center. 


Our Governor

John Bel Edwards signed his delegate ballot this morning. He got a standing ovation when recognized by a speaker at breakfast this morning. It makes me teary how lucky we are to have him.

Tuesday Breakfast

Today’s speakers are Rep. Jim Clyburn, Sen. Chris Coons, Melissa Harris-Perry, and former Sen. Mary Landrieu. I got a picture with Senator Coons for my collection.

Today’s schedule

I’m going to be reporting from the first women’s caucus today. Liz will be assembling the newsletter. I hope to be able to go tonight to see Bill Clinton speak. Liz will be there for sure because she’s the delegate.

Hotel Bar, Monday Night

There aren’t nearly as many folks I recognize here tonight. That’s because they are all at the Wells Fargo Center. But the joint is still crawling with people in suits, and I’m hoping that Governor Edwards shows up before I have to go take a nap.